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Epoxy Flooring Indianapolis, IN

Epoxy Coatings

Concrete Resurfacing

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We are one of the leading concrete resurfacing and epoxy flooring companies in Indianapolis, serving residential and commercial customers alike with dedicated customer service and robust concrete solutions.

From economical and practical garage epoxy flooring and pool deck resurfacing to elegant, custom metallic epoxy floors for commercial lobbies, we can handle all projects large ad small.

Concrete Resurfacing

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What Is Epoxy Flooring?

Enjoy a high-performance and decorative new floor system
Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floor systems were first created for commercial and industrial flooring but they are now widely used in residential settings, especially garages and basements. Commonly mistaken for “epoxy paint,” a true epoxy coating is made from epoxy resin and hardeners that react chemically to form an ultra-resilient plastic material that’s bonded to your concrete substrate.

Our epoxy flooring contractors in Indianapolis install epoxy coatings in a multi-layer system on concrete that’s carefully prepared with cleaning, repairs, and diamond grinding or shotblasting. This creates a profiled surface free of debris that the epoxy can properly “grab” and bond with. We use only industrial-grade 100% solids epoxy that’s formulated to provide a durable, smooth, and high-performance surface that can last years. Don’t be fooled by DIY “garage epoxy” kits or fly-by-night contractors that use low-grade epoxy that’s bound to delaminate or fail within a year or two; our products can last 20 years or longer with minimal care.

Along with epoxy flooring, we also install other specialized concrete floor coatings in Indianapolis including acrylic concrete coatings to refinish your pool deck or patio and rubberized concrete coatings for heavy-duty indoor/outdoor use.

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Garage Floor Epoxy

Give you garage a much-needed upgrade

You deserve more than a dusty, oil-stained space to park your car. Imagine the possibilities of your garage with the right floor system. Our garage floor epoxy contractors in Indianapolis offer cost-effective options to give you a beautiful garage floor that resists damage for up to 20 years. Transform your garage into a showroom or just a clean, bright place to work on your hobbies with our professional garage floor epoxy installation.

We use professional garage epoxy made with 100% solids epoxy and hardeners that form an incredibly durable plastic “shell” that’s bonded with your prepared concrete floor.

A liquid-applied garage epoxy floor can last up to 20 years or longer while resisting everything from gas and oil spills and dropped tools to hot tire pick up, spilled chemicals, and abrasion.

Garage epoxy flooring in Indianapolis is a smart investment in your home that can actually boost your home’s value. A quality epoxy concrete coating is completely garage-proof and maintains its bright, beautiful appearance for years to come.

It even covers your aging, gray, and dusty concrete with a smooth, colorful surface for instant curb appeal. Our garage floor epoxy systems are incredibly easy to maintain with simple sweeping and mopping yet slip-resistant, even when wet.

Garage Floor Epoxy
Customize your garage floor with endless garage floor epoxy solutions:
  • Epoxy flake flooring for improved skid resistance and the look of granite
  • Metallic epoxy flooring delivers an eye-catching floor with a pearlescent and 3D effect
  • Solid colors and checkerboard patterns can give your garage a timeless new look
  • Custom patterns and designs make it easy to get the exact look you want
Metallic Epoxy Floor

Basement Epoxy Flooring

Tired of your musty and dusty basement? Give your basement new life with an affordable basement epoxy coating. An epoxy coating for concrete basement floors in Indianapolis is a long-lasting, durable, and attractive option to stop moisture problems and finish your dusty concrete basement floor. Epoxy concrete coatings are one of the most practical choices you can make for your basement with endless decorative options to get just the look you’re going for.

Basement epoxy flooring is a seamless and waterproof floor system that can hold up against everything, including abrasion, pet accidents, moisture, chemical spills, and impact. This robust concrete coating system is rated for industrial applications yet it can be highly decorative, too. You may want a single, high-gloss color for a sleek modern look, the classic checkerboard pattern, or freeform geometric shapes in your choice of colors. For an over-the-top look that’s sure to impress, we also install metallic epoxy flooring in Indianapolis. Metallic epoxy floor coatings incorporate metallic pigments and techniques like brushing and solvents to create a three-dimensional look with the illusion of movement and depth.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

in Indianapolis

Transform your aging or outdated pool deck

Your pool deck was once a beautiful oasis but the years haven’t been kind. Freeze-thaw cycles and harsh UV rays have left your concrete cracked and faded but there are solutions to make your concrete look like new again.

Before thinking about removing and replacing your concrete pool deck, it’s time to explore pool deck resurfacing in Indianapolis, IN.

Our concrete resurfacing contractors have several options to give your pool deck a brand-new look.

You may want a budget-friendly resurfacing option that makes your concrete look like it did when it was freshly poured.

You may want something more decorative like a new texture and color. Maybe you’re looking for something dramatic and fun like slate or flagstone.

No matter what you have in mind, we can make it a reality without removing your existing concrete.

Here are some of the pool deck resurfacing solutions we offer:
  • Standard concrete resurfacing involves applying a polymer concrete solution to your existing concrete. This can mask repairs and cover hairline cracks to make your concrete look new again.
  • Concrete stains and dyes give your concrete rich new color and elegant patterns. This is a mild form of concrete resurfacing yet it can produce dramatic results.
  • Acrylic concrete coatings in Indianapolis offer an affordable way to give your concrete pool deck new color and texture. Acrylic pool deck coatings are versatile, long-lasting, and resist fading. Acrylic coatings come in many colors and they can be stamped for a unique, slip-resistant texture.
  • Cool deck coatings reduce heat build-up on your concrete pool deck by up to 40%. This type of concrete pool deck comes in many colors with a textured surface and it can be stamped for a custom look.
  • Stamped concrete overlays are a good choice if you want a dramatic new look. We combine concrete stains and dyes with a stamped overlay to closely mimic the look of high-end materials like flagstone, slate, wood, brick, and pavers with your choice of patterns and colors. Enjoy the realistic color variations and textures of any material you like at a fraction of the cost.


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