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No matter how high grade or durable you think your concrete slab is, there comes a time where it will start to show signs of its age. Whether those signs are through cracks, peeling or staining we all get tired of seeing our expensive concrete in this condition. Well if you’re ready to make a change, you’ve come to the right place! With our team of professional concrete resurfacing contractors in Indianapolis, we can get your concrete back into its beautiful and uniform appearance we have grown to love. Let us tell you how we can get your concrete back on track!


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Is It Time For Concrete Resurfacing?

One of the best qualities about concrete is how strong and solid it is but, that can also be one of the concretes worse qualities as well. Since concrete is unable to flex, it is prone to damage from expanding an contracting that forms cracks. Concrete is also prone to chipping or peeling if the surface is exposed to elements such as wind and rain or if heavy objects are dropped on its bare surface. If you are experiencing this kind of damage, concrete resurfacing just may be the next project that you should bring into your home, commercial or industrial facility.
It is critical that you catch this damage while it just begins or you can face the consequences. While minor damage is typical for concrete resurfacing to repair, there is an extent of damage that concrete resurfacing in Indianapolis won’t be able to repair. If your concrete has extensive damage such as large cracks, potholes, or it has shifted you are sadly going to need a complete renovation of the concrete slab that consists of tearing out the concrete slab and repouring it. This job can be very costly and it can leave you without concrete for weeks or sometimes months! Always treat any small damage in the concrete slab with utmost urgency before it becomes an unrepairable problem!

Where Can Concrete Be Resurfaced?

Concrete resurfacing is a task that can be completed anywhere that concrete has been placed or anywhere that concrete can be placed, indoors or outdoors. The material used is an extremely durable overlay that can bring that clean, uniform and professional appearance back to your concrete slab that was lost due to damage. We serve a wide variety of operations in residential to industrial facilities, from driveways all the way to high traffic warehouses. No matter what, we can help your concrete get back to its glory days!

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Driveway Resurfacing

The driveway is one of the most vital elements of any home, in any possible area. When the harsh elements that are exposed to the concrete driveway on a daily basis finally start to take effect on the concrete slab, the appearance of your driveway spiral out of control. Though the cracks weeds will begin to grow and the oil stains won’t appear as stains, just discolored spots on the concrete slab. Its time to take care of this with our concrete resurfacing services!

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Walkway Resurfacing

Just like a driveway, your walkways play a huge role in the overall appearance of your home or business. If your concrete walkways begin to peel or crack in all of the wrong places, they can actually do more harm than good. Damaged walkways are just a lawsuit waiting to happen as they are a very accident prone surface when they are not functioning at 100 percent. When concrete resurfacing your walkways, we can ensure that your walkways will be uniform and safe to walk on.

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Warehouse Resurfacing

Warehouses can be one of the most brutal areas that concrete flooring can be placed in. With constant vehicle and foot traffic, heavy objects being placed on the concrete slab, and accidents that tend to occur in the workplace, the concrete is prone to damage. Not only can this damage be an eyesore, but it can also make the employees less efficient due to worry of being injured. With our concrete resurfacing services in Indianapolis, your warehouse can be a much safer and efficient workplace.

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Garage Floor Resurfacing

We all know how much stress we put on the concrete in our garage, and the effects are not pretty either! Cracks in the concrete can make the garage seem even more dull, dirty and gloomy. With our concrete resurfacing services, you have options for the garage that will really make it pop! One of the most popular garage floor resurfacing techniques is the use of epoxy flooring. The garage floor epoxy can make the garage up to 300 percent brighter due to its superior light reflection. It can also be customized using various base colors, flakes or even metallic pigments to make your garage one of a kind.

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Pool Deck Resurfacing

Are you tired of your backyard looking down in the dumps because your pool deck isn’t in tip-top shape or just plain ugly? A damaged pool deck can actually be the cause of many pool related accidents that can lead to injury or even death in some cases. All of this can be avoided with the repair of the pool deck with our concrete resurfacing services. Pool deck resurfacing is a very creative project as there is a wide variety of materials that can be used to customize your pool deck. By concrete resurfacing your pool deck in Indianapolis, your dream pool deck is only a phone call away!

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How To Maintain Resurfaced Concrete

Weekly or monthly checks for peeling, cracks, yellowing, or breakage can help catch a small problem before it turns into a bigger and unrepairable problem. All you have to do is check your resurfaced concrete often.
Dry or wet mopping when debris or spills are present will be enough to keep a clean floor inside.
Pressure washing and deep cleans are only to be performed if absolutely necessary and not regularly.
Always check with one of our professionals before using any harsh cleaners on the resurfaced concrete.
Sweeping as a daily routine can help avoid harmful waste brought in/out or on shoes or windy days.