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Epoxy Basement Floor Indianapolis

The Superior Flooring Option

We all know how valuable the extra living space that the basement offers is to our families and even to the value of your home. But for this valuable area, there really isn’t too many flooring options that can actually be used efficiently in the basement. While other floorings become slippery and others just form mold or simply peel up, what is the option that can benefit your basement the most? We have the solution for our neighbors in Indianapolis and that solution is our basement epoxy floor coating! Our basement epoxy can benefit your home in so many more ways than one, so we better get started!


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Basement Epoxy

What Is Basement Epoxy?

A basement epoxy floor system is a standard epoxy flooring system meaning that it is a basic two-part system. These two parts are the epoxy resin that makes up two-thirds of the formula and the epoxy hardener; which is a urethane, makes up the final third of the said mixture. Depending on what type of epoxy basement floor coating you decide to go with, there are various additives that can be implemented into the installation process of the basement epoxy. These additives can include but are not limited to multi-colored or single colored flakes, metallic pigments or even the use of an additive that looks like and that is placed in the top coat to offer even more traction, even when the flooring is wet you will have a superior grip with this additive. Basement epoxy offers much more than customization, the most important ability any flooring can have in the basement is the ability to waterproof the basement and the epoxy basement floor coating does just that. The basement epoxy is a nonporous flooring system which means that no moisture is able to be absorbed by the flooring or no moisture can leak up through the flooring so your basement will become less humid this becoming more comfortable. A majority of basement epoxy floor is a 100 percent solid epoxy system as well, so they are ultra durable.

What Basement Epoxy Can Do For You

Basement epoxy in Indianapolis is chock full of wonderful benefits that can make your home more comfortable to live in and even give you added faith in your floorings ability to handle certain situations. With all of these benefits, you can convert your basement into whatever you want to, from a play area for your children or a home gym, an epoxy basement floor coating in Indianapolis is going to be able to handle whatever you need from it. Below are only a few of the most popular benefits that you stand to gain from using a basement epoxy.


Low Installation Cost

Making your basements flooring more secure and waterproof must come with a hefty price tag right? No that is not the case at all when you choose to install a basement epoxy flor coating. As a matter of fact, we are offering our basement epoxy in Indianapolis at super low rates so you can have all of the amazing benefits of our basement epoxy floor coating at the price of other traditional floor coatings! We start our prices at 9 dollars a square foot!

Customization Factor

Customization Factor

Tired of the same bland floorings that everyone else has and want your basements flooring to be one of a kind? Well, with our basement epoxy floor coating, you can have just that! There is no shortage of customization when you use a basement epoxy as we offer a wide selection of base colors, the option to use flakes, metallic pigments and something special for the basement man cave. We offer to place your favorite emblem or logo directly into your basement epoxy floor coating!

Adds Value To Your Home

Adds Value To Your Home

Did you know that finished, bright and durable basements bring in thousands of dollars more than homes that have unfinished, dark and gloomy basements any day? With a basement epoxy in place during the time of selling the home, your home will pass inspection with flying colors and be more of a destination for families looking for a finished basement, resulting in your home selling faster than fresh hotcakes! Did you know that homes with damaged concrete rarely pass inspection to be sold?



One of the benefits that make most of our clients in Indianapolis absolutely fall in love with basement epoxy is its ability to sustain high amounts of abuse without faltering! Did you know that the 100 percent solid epoxy flooring system that basement epoxy uses as its base has been tested and proven to make the concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger and last around 2-3 times longer than any other form of traditional flooring? That means that epoxy flooring can handle the impact from dropped objects, scratches, and abrasions, and can even delay the appearance of cracking in your concrete dramatically.

Easy To Clean

Easy To Clean

One of the best benefits of a basement epoxy floor coating in Indianapolis is the absolute simplicity of cleaning the flooring. Basement epoxy doesn’t require any messy waxes or polishes to make the floor coating shine, all you will need to maintain the epoxy are tools you might already have laying around the house! All you need is a soft bristle broom or a dust mop to remove all loose materials from its surface and a standard wet mop to make the flooring shine as its suppose to! Below, we have a more in-depth guide to cleaning the basement epoxy floor coating so make sure to take a look!

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How To Maintain Basement Epoxy

While many will consider the maintenance on basement epoxy to be rather simplistic, it is crucial to how long the flooring system is going to last. That is why we will always ask that routine maintenance is completed on the flooring at least 3 times a week. This commitment to your flooring can make it last well over 25 years!
As stated above, only use soft bristle tools to remove dirt and dust from the surface as stiff bristles can actually drag the dirt, causing scratches in the surface of the epoxy. After you are sure the floor is absolutely clean, use a standard wet mop to clean the surface of the basement epoxy floor coating. Before using cleaning agents with the mop, always make sure to test the chemical in an inconspicuous area of the basement. Mask off this area and splash only a mynute amount of the cleaner on the masked area and allow it to sit for five minutes. If the cleaner delt no damage to the basement epoxy, you can use it freely but if the chemical left the surface cloudy, do not use it at all.