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Epoxy Flooring

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Epoxy Flooring

The Better Flooring Method

Are you tired of all of the traditional flooring options because all they bring to the table is subpar durability and a basic appearance? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only person feeling this way and that is why epoxy flooring in Indianapolis is gaining popularity at very high rates! Our epoxy flooring systems bring plentiful benefits and an unmatched level of customization can be implemented into your flooring system when you choose an epoxy floor coating in Indianapolis? Not sure why epoxy flooring us becoming so popular? Well, that’s our goal and if you keep reading, you will find out why!


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Epoxy flooring

How We Prepare For Epoxy Flooring Installation

Our team of epoxy flooring contractors has been installing epoxy flooring in Indianapolis for decades so we know what it takes to make sure the surface of your concrete is ready to accept the epoxy flooring. We have been using the same multi-stage process for decades as it has proven to work better than whatever everyone else is using like acid etching; which is extremely ineffective. The process goes as follows:
The first step of epoxy flooring preparation consists of repairing any imperfections that find themselves on the concrete slab. We repair minor cracks, gouges and even lift all of the stains off of the concrete to make sure the finished product is seamless and has a tight bond. Once the material we use to repair cracks and gouges has dried the next step of profiling the concrete begins. The process of profiling the concrete can be done one of two ways. We either use a diamond wheel grinder to etch the surface or a shot blaster that etches as well. The method will be determined by how big and what type of area we are working with is. Both of these techniques profile the concrete very efficiently but, grinding may be required if the concrete slab is uneven or bulged. After profiling the concrete a quick inspection and cleaning are performed before the actual installation of the epoxy flooring.

Types Of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring has no one singular use, epoxy flooring is actually trusted by many industries and families alike for its jaw-dropping performance anywhere it is placed. That means that you can have an epoxy flooring system in your home or in your industrial warehouse or manufacturing plant and everything in between. This is because epoxy flooring in Indianapolis has benefits that everyone loves and below we are going to outline only a few of the types of epoxy flooring that are most popularly used in Indianapolis today!

Garage Floor Epoxy Flooring

Garage Floor Epoxy Flooring

Garage floor epoxy is one of the most commonly used garage flooring systems in use to this date and they show no signs of letting go of that number one spot. Garage floor epoxy is one of the most efficient garage flooring systems as it can handle the adverse effects of heavy vehicle and foot traffic and it is even able to resist damage or stains from harsh chemicals like vehicle oil and gasoline. For more information on garage floor epoxy, check out our garage floor epoxy page right now!

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Commercial Epoxy Flooring

We all know how strict the guidelines are for commercial facilities and their flooring and commercial epoxy flooring in Indianapolis one of the few floorings that has been able to edge its way into those guidelines. Commercial epoxy flooring is actually a USDA approved flooring for both food facilities and medical facilities for it’s seamless, hygienic and easy to disinfect finish. The commercial epoxy flooring in Indianapolis is also efficient at reflecting light so efficient that it can make the facility up to 300 percent brighter without using additional lighting sources, saving you money while adding safety.

basement epoxy

Basement Epoxy Flooring

Did you know that the basement is the area of most homes that get either converted first or converted most frequently? If you are unsure what you want to convert your basement into, you might as well use a basement epoxy for the simple fact that epoxy flooring can handle whatever you can throw its way. Epoxy flooring is also able to waterproof the basement so it can be more comfortable with less humidity and smell less like mildew with a basement epoxy floor coating.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Are you tired of boring, run of the mill flooring? Need flooring that can bring some much-needed excitement to an area of your home or business facility? A metallic epoxy floor coating can be exactly what you need! With a metallic epoxy floor, you can mimic effects that have been unheard of in the flooring industry such as lava flows, waves crashing into the beach or even the effects of a cloudy day. You don’t have to worry about losing strength for beauty either as metallic epoxy is formulated using the 100 percent solid epoxy system, the strongest epoxy available!

industrial epoxy flooring

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

We all know how rigid flooring has to be in an industrial facility as the environment inside of one can be very harsh. Not many floorings can fit the bill required for usage in industrial facilities, but industrial epoxy flooring can! The industrial epoxy flooring system can handle some abuse from heavy machinery usage, impact from dropped objects and even storage of overwhelmingly heavy objects without faltering. Industrial epoxy flooring in Indianapolis is 100 percent solid epoxy composure has actually been tested and proven to make the underlying concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger and last 2-3 times longer than a traditional concrete flooring system.

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How To Maintain Epoxy Flooring

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Maintain Epoxy Flooring

How To Maintain Epoxy Flooring

While epoxy flooring is one of the easiest flooring systems to maintain, it is also one of the most dependent on maintenance than other flooring systems. This is why we stress that you never put off the maintenance on epoxy flooring. Low traffic epoxy flooring in Indianapolis can be maintained twice a week but high traffic areas need to be cleaned at least once or twice a day.
The first step of maintenance on epoxy is the sweeping of all loose debris off of its surface. To do this only used soft bristle brooms like a dust mop. After all loose debris has been cleared, use a standard wet mop to finish the job but be wary of using random cleaners. Test all cleaners before use! To test a cleaner, mask off an inconspicuous area like in a corner or under furniture and use a splash of the cleaner and wait 5 minutes. If nothing happens you are good to go but if the cleaner turns the surface cloudy, do not use it on the entire flooring!