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As the leading flooring company in the Indianapolis area, we pride ourselves on high quality and amazing performing floors. With advancement in technology, rubberized floor coatings have become one of the most popular options for commercial, industrial, and residential properties, each serving a distinct purpose. We produce superior results because our team is composed of licensed professionals who have decades of combined experience. If you’re looking for affordable long-lasting floors, give us a call today. Our team knows how important a floor can be in a home or business.


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Rubberized Floor Coating

Professionally Installed Rubberized Floor Coating

The importance of a professional installment cannot be overstated because of the many benefits offered by a rubber floor coating. When done correctly, a rubberized coated floor can last for decades, however, if poorly installed it will be much more expensive. It has come into its own as its inherent advantages cannot be disputed. Many commercial properties and highly used areas have all made the switch to professionally installed rubber floor coatings because of the versatility and durability these floors offer. When compared to other flooring options, a rubber floor coating has clear superior qualities like its low maintenance demands and hard-wearing surface. Due to the fact that the installation of a rubber floor coating is already affordable, and its lifespan is incredibly long, a rubberized floor is the most affordable option compared to vinyl, tile, wood, or linoleum. Many different areas use rubber floor coatings like gyms, basements, playrooms, parks, clinics, and food processing areas.
When installing a rubberized floor coating, a professional will inspect the subfloor prior to laying down the rubber. It is important to repair any sunken or broken areas on your floor prior to rubber coating installation because the subfloor can negatively impact your rubberized coating installation.

Benefits of a Rubber Floor Coating

Residential, commercial, and industrial properties have all begun making the switch from more traditional flooring options to rubberized floor coatings because of the many benefits that cannot be debated. Our rubber floor coating installers are prepared to install high-quality floors for low-end prices. For more information on why a rubber floor coating is the best option for you and your property, continue below:

Rubber Floor Coating


A rubber floor coating provides an impenetrable surface that is undeniably strong, long-lasting, and resistant to all types of common damages. When properly installed, rubberized floors can last over 20 years. These floors are resistant to common issues like stains and abrasions, this makes them fantastic options for any and all environments. Rubber floor coatings are remarkedly damage proof even in the harshest settings.

Indianapolis Rubber Floor Coating

Maintenance & Installation

Even though installation is quick and easy it is important to have a professional install your floors to ensure they last as long as they should. The flooring can be applied directly onto the subsurface and when it is time to replace the rubber it can easily removed and recycled. Rubber floors are extremely easily cared for and maintained without strenuous cleaning regimes because they are resistant to every type of damage that other floors would need repairs or replacements after. Rubber floors are resistant to discoloration, thus reducing the need to extensively care for them.

Rubberized Epoxy Floor Coating

Water & Moisture Resistant

Water and moisture resistance is not commonly found in many types of flooring options, so it should be noted that it is found in rubberized coated floors. Most flooring materials are susceptible to water damage that would cause you to not only replace your floors but treat the area for mold and unwanted bacteria growth. The rubber flooring in your space is not able to host any such growths that would cause damage to your floors, making them great solutions for not only highly used areas but areas where water and changing temperatures are common.

Rubber Coating For Concrete Floors

Soft, Quiet, and Safe

Rubber floor coatings provide a cushion that absorbs sound when heavy items are dropped on them or when too many footsteps are making noise. This makes them great additions to any playroom or children’s area. Along with absorbing sounds, rubber coatings also help reduce the amount impact your joints take if you or others are standing for long periods of time. The soft surface is much easier on your feet and lower limbs. This flooring is slip and fire-resistant.

Liquid Rubber Floor Coating

Aesthetics & Versatility

Rubberized floor coatings can be used in many different environments like clinics, food processing plants, packing plants, storage facilities, playrooms, playgrounds, basements, garages, and more. Residential areas have begun installing rubber coatings with different colors and designs to their garages and basements. Food plants are encouraged to utilize rubber floor coatings because they are easily cleaned and easily maintained.

Rubberized Floor Coatings

As the leading flooring company in the Indianapolis area, rubber floor coatings are one of our specialties, if you are located in one of these areas, please give our team a call today.

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