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Pool Deck Resurfacing Indianapolis


No matter how well you take care of your pool deck there always comes a time that damage occurs that can make your concrete pool deck become unsightly. Whether the damage comes from the usage of the pool or even just the constant beating that the concrete pool deck endures from constant exposure to the elements, we can help you make your pool deck like new or even better than new! We are offering low rates on our pool deck resurfacing services to our neighbors in Indianapolis now! Let us tell you how we can transform your backyard into your own personal oasis with our pool deck resurfacing services!


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When To Resurface Your Concrete Pool Deck

The main question that we get from our clients in Indianapolis is,” When is it time to resurface my concrete pool deck?” While there is no exact time limit on your concrete pool deck to show you exactly when it is time, there are some very distinct signs that you can see or even feel. Sometimes we even perform our pool deck resurfacing procedures for clients who have just grown tired of their current pool deck coating.
One of the biggest signs that it is time to resurface your pool deck is the appearance of cracks in the concrete. Don’t worry, if you catch them while they are small the repairs can be done relatively easily and without much hassle, as concrete is known for its cracking. Materials are readily available for tiny cracks in the concrete pool deck in Indianapolis so the pool deck repair will be a breeze for small cracks! The real problem is when the cracks are allowed to grow larger and larger. This can lead to water getting into the soil surrounding the pool and this can lead to structural damage in both your pool and concrete; this damage cannot be repaired either. You can even feel when its time to perform pool deck resurfacing when the deck doesn’t reflect heat as well as it should, meaning time for new material or just a new coat of paint. Don’t worry, no matter the reasoning, we got you covered!

Types Of Pool Deck Resurfacing

We have materials readily available for pool deck resurfacing no matter what your tastes or what you need from your concrete pool deck. From elegant finishes to exotic finishes, we have coatings and materials that can satisfy even the perfectionist in the family paired with our decades of experience to provide the best possible finished product. Below we have outlined our most popular materials in Indianapolis but if you don’t see what you want, make sure to give us a call today, we might have what you need!



When pavers are placed over the concrete, you will have a finish that is both extremely elegant and ultra durable. Since the pavers are made out of stone or concrete, there isn’t much abuse that they won’t be able to handle. In the off chance that a paver does become damaged, repairing the effected paver is very easy. All that you need to do is remove the effected paver and pop in a brand new one, that’s it! Pavers won’t even stain from the harsh chemical found in the pool!


Acid Stain

Want that natural stone or marbling effect but don’t want to break the bank with a stamped concrete overlay finish? Don’t worry, we have the next best thing available! Our acid stained concrete finishes offer that natural stone or even marbled finish that give off an exotic feel to any backyard! Acid stained concrete for pool deck resurfacing is also extremely slip-resistant as there is an additive that is placed in the sealer that looks like slat to add even more traction, even when it is wet.


Spray On Decking

There is a reason why spray on pool decking is one of the most popular forms of pool decking across the entire country. Spray on pool decking for the concrete pool deck offers natural traction through its amazing texture. But spray on pool decking offers much more than that! It offers superior heat deflection that can make the concrete pool deck up to 20 degrees cooler with its amazing acrylic paint that feels good on bare feet as well. Spray on decking isn’t weak either, there are cases of it lasting decades!

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Looking for lifelike stone, tile or even wood? Look no further than a stamped concrete overlay to perform your pool deck resurfacing in Indianapolis. With a stamped concrete pool deck, your backyard will be the conversation piece of your next social gathering as it gives that “wow” factor more than any other type of concrete pool deck coating. We can even use stains to create what is called high and lows in the stamped concrete pool deck to make the finish seem even more lifelike or almost indistinguishable from the thing you are trying to replicate. You can have the beauty of natural stone or wood with the strength of concrete with a stamped concrete pool deck in Indianapolis.

Repair Repaint


Sometimes the damage that occurs from the usage of the concrete pool deck or the elements doesn’t require a full on pool deck resurfacing process. Sometimes all that needs to be done are is a pool deck repair or a pool deck crack repair. When we repair cracks in the concrete pool deck, we can sometimes touch up the area that has been repaired. When working with spray-decking, we can match the exact texture of the surrounding concrete pool deck almost immediately. After the paint is applied, you will have a hard time finding the repair! We can even paint faded concrete pool decks that are faded to bring back that amazing heat deflection to keep your feet feeling good!

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We will always suggest only using certified and professional pool deck resurfacing contractors to do your work on the pool deck. The concrete around your pool is extremely fragile and requires professional care to keep your pool from cracking or even worse, the piping leading to your pool becoming damaged. We have been working with concrete pool decks in Indianapolis for decades, so we know exactly what it takes to make your pool deck as beautiful as possible and at the same time, make sure your concrete stays in good shape. If you want the best-finished product, you will go with us! Make sure to call us today for a free, no-obligation quote so your pool can be in good working order before summer strikes!