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We all know how harsh the environment is in all industrial facilities so why is there still subpar flooring available to be placed in them? If you spend all of your time working hard to help the growth of your business, why would you settle for a subpar flooring for your facility? Well, we have good news for our fellow business owners in Indianapolis, and that good news is that we’re offering our services in installing our amazing industrial epoxy flooring! Let us tell you how an industrial epoxy floor coating can help your industrial facility in Indianapolis.


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Industrial Epoxy Flooring

How We Prepare For Industrial Epoxy Flooring

The process will always begin with the repair of all imperfections that are found on the existing concrete slab. These imperfections include but are not limited to cracks, gouges, and stains. We use an epoxy crack filler to repair all cracks and gouges and all stains are lifted before the next process can begin. After the crack fill has dried, we begin profiling the concrete slab. We do this one of two ways. The most common method of concrete profiling is the use of a grinder equipped with a diamond wheel attachment or we use a shot blaster, it all depends on what type of area and concrete we are working with. Both methods of profiling are extremely efficient and are used to secure a tight mechanical bond between the formulated industrial epoxy floor and the concrete slab. After the concrete slab has been profiled, a quick and thorough inspection is completed to make sure the concrete slab is clean and all imperfections are repaired before the actual application of industrial epoxy.


You should be happy to know that an industrial epoxy floor coating in Indianapolis is one of the best floorings available for any instance but are specially formulated for use in industrial facilities. That means that every aspect of an industrial epoxy floor coating is specifically designed to make life in your facility much easier for both you and your employees. Below we have outlined only a few of the top benefits that your facility stands to gain from using industrial epoxy flooring in Indianapolis:

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating


With an industrial epoxy flooring system in place in your facility, you can actually make your facility safer and more efficient. The specialized industrial epoxy floor coating in Indianapolis can actually be customized in a way that can keep your workers safer, especially in facilities that utilize vehicles such as forklifts or other types of heavy machinery. You can actually create barriers, walkways and even directional arrows with stencils that can be placed directly into the industrial epoxy flooring so that they are always visible.

Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating


Industrial epoxy flooring can actually make your facility safer in more ways than one. The industrial epoxy floor coating in Indianapolis has actually been tested and proven to make the area it is placed in up to 300 percent brighter without the use of additional lighting sources. This means the effectiveness of the light reflectivity of epoxy flooring can make objects that are on the floor easier to spot and help workers see what they are doing easier all while saving you bunches of cash on your power bill.

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When it comes to flooring that offers chemical resistance, an industrial epoxy flooring system is on top of them all in terms of effectiveness. The industrial epoxy floor coating is able to resist chemicals to effectively due to its amazing top coat as it is a nonporous urethane sealant so no moisture at all is able to pass through at all. This sealant leaves all chemicals that are exposed to the industrial epoxy floor coating isolated on the surface for easy disposal.

Industrial Epoxy Floor Covering


We understand how valuable your time is in your industrial facility so we wouldn’t waste your time with a flooring system that takes weeks or months of your facility being shut down to install. As a matter of fact, with an industrial epoxy flooring system being installed in your facility, you can expect your facility to stay open for the entirety of the installation process. We can work in sections around your workers or we can even use or specialized epoxy floor coating for rapid cure speeds. With quick cure industrial epoxy floor coating in Indianapolis, your floor can be ready for foot traffic in as little as 1 hour!

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Probably the most important feature for any industrial facility in Indianapolis is the durability of the flooring that is placed in it, and you won’t be disappointed in how durable the industrial epoxy floor coating is. The industrial epoxy flooring can handle the adverse effects of heavy vehicle and foot traffic, the usage of heavy machinery and even impact from objects that are dropped on the flooring. Did you know that an industrial epoxy flooring has actually been proven and tested to be up to 300 percent stronger and any other traditional concrete flooring? Or that an industrial epoxy flooring system can make your concrete slab last 2-3 times longer?


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Industrial Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating

What Is Industrial Epoxy Flooring?

An industrial epoxy flooring system is a 100 percent solid epoxy system, this system is actually the strongest system of all. The 100 percent solid epoxy system is composed of two elements, the epoxy resin, and a urethane hardener. The magic happens when the two elements are mixed together though, usually in a five-gallon bucket. When the two are mixed, the process called curing begins, the curing process is what makes the industrial epoxy flooring system so strong and chemical resistant. The curing process cannot be stopped or stalled so installation of the industrial epoxy floor coating must be done with urgency or materials will be wasted or the flooring will not turn out as planned. Once the flooring has set for at least 24 hours, it will be cured enough to accept foot traffic and once 72 hours have passed, the floor will be fully cured in its plastic like state for well over 20 years, sometimes even 30 years!