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Garage Floor Coatings

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Are you tired of your garage being a dimly lit, overwhelmingly dull, or just plain ugly? Don’t worry, you are not alone, hundreds and thousands of homeowners feel the same way about their garage but just don’t know what to do about it. Luckily for our neighbors in Indianapolis, we have a solution that can make your garage just not bearable, we can make your garage a highlight out of the entirety of your home! Let us tell you how our garage floor coatings in Indianapolis can make your garage the envy of your neighborhood!


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Types Of Garage Floor Coatings

Epoxy- Garage floor epoxy is one of the most common and most popular flooring options that can be placed in the garage as they provide jaw-dropping looks, unmatchable durability, and are very cheap and fast to install. Epoxy floorings appearance may not be for everyone and epoxy may just be more than some people need but don’t worry, we have more coatings that may just fit your exact needs!

Stained Concrete- Stained concrete is one of the most unique garage floor coatings available on the market to this date. With an appearance that can look like natural stone or even marble, this exotic garage floor coating has a look everyone can fall in love with. One thing to watch out for with a stained garage floor coating is that there are no added resistances gained. Your concrete slab will still be easily stained and damaged without caution, even with a sealer.

Polished Concrete- Polished concrete offers one of the most modern and sleek appearances that can be found in the garage floor coating category. While the polished concrete appearance is stunning, there is a high level of maintenance that needs to be performed on this garage floor coating if you want it to shine like new. This garage floor coating is also very susceptible to chemical damage.

Benefits Of Using Garage Floor Coatings

While we covered a small portion of benefits in the types of garage floor coatings section, there is still so much to be covered! All of our garage floor coatings in Indianapolis can jam packed full of benefits that can make any garage feel like you are in a high-performance garage that should be housing million dollar cars! Below we have taken the liberty in outlining only the most popular benefits that can be gained by using any of our garage floor coatings!

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A bare concrete slab can be cause for worry especially if the garage is used for anything from weekend projects or daily mechanic use. One of the strongest garage floor coatings available is the garage floor epoxy. The epoxy can actually make the concrete slab up to 300 times stronger and last an average of 2 times longer than a bare concrete slab. You can also expect your garage to resist the effects of heavy vehicle traffic, dropped objects and even machine usage with a garage floor epoxy.


Chemical Resistance

While some benefits are exclusive to a certain material, the benefit of chemical resistance applies to all of our coatings that use a sealer. We only use the highest grade sealers to protect our work such as urethane sealers. The high-grade sealers will leave any and all chemicals; and all moisture for that matter, isolated on the top of your floor for easy cleanup and disposal. This means that your garage won’t be damaged as the chemical will have zero contact with the concrete slab.

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Brighten Your Garage

We have all had the complaint of the garage being too dark at one point or another, especially when the power bill comes in! Well, with the light reflectivity of either a polished concrete floor or a garage floor epoxy, you can kiss those high power bills and dimly lit garages goodbye! The garage floor coatings reflect light at such a high level, they can make the garage up to 300 percent brighter without the use of additional lighting sources!

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Easy To Maintain

What most of our clients love about most of our garage floor coatings is a simple fact that they are easy to maintain. The garage floor coatings that are used are easily cleaned only using soft bristle brooms and standard wet mops but can also be cleaned in a way exclusive to the garage. When an acid stained concrete coating or garage floor epoxy is placed in the garage, you can simply use a standard garden hose to wash off your garage floor coating. Make sure to always use cold water and maintain circular motions when using this technique in the garage or your garage floor coating may suffer.

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Endless Customization

No matter what type of garage floor coating in Indianapolis you decide to have installed in your garage, you will have the ability to customize your garage to the hearts fullest extent. The garage floor coating that can be used to get the most customization is the garage floor epoxy. With a garage floor epoxy, you can choose from a wide variety of base colors, single colored or multicolored flakes, and even metallic pigments to create a spectacle in your garage. A unique ability of garage floor epoxy is the ability to place an emblem or logo directly into your garage floor!

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