The Benefits Of Using Epoxy Flooring

Have you ever wondered why epoxy flooring is becoming more and more popular in Indianapolis? It seems as if every time you look into a garage or commercial facility, you will most likely see an epoxy flooring system in place. But why is that the case? Well, we know exactly why! Epoxy flooring has benefits that everyone can benefit from, not just business facilities. Today we are going to be taking a deeper look into the benefits that epoxy flooring systems offer and why those benefits are leading epoxy flooring to such popularity.

One of the most popular benefits that epoxy flooring offers is its insane durability and its ability to deflect damage effectively. Did you know that epoxy flooring has been tested and proven to make the underlying concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger and last an average of 2 times longer than a bare concrete slab? That means that the concrete slab can handle much heavier objects without faltering. Along with brute strength, the concrete slab will also have the ability to resist damage from heavy vehicle and foot traffic, impact from dropped objects and even the use of heavy machinery with ease. If you have durability in mind, you need an epoxy flooring!

Another fantastic benefit offered by choosing an epoxy flooring system is the sheer level of customization is allowed with this flooring system. With an epoxy flooring, you will have the design of your flooring system completely up to you, no barriers whatsoever. Along with unlimited design factors, epoxy floor coatings can be designed with a huge range of colors, the choice to use multi-colored or single colored flakes and even the use of metallic pigments that will create the stunning metallic epoxy flooring system. There are even options for extreme enthusiasts and business owners to place an emblem or logo directly into the epoxy flooring!

Did you know that an epoxy flooring system is a green flooring option? It is actually green in 2 ways! To start it off, epoxy flooring is one of the most chemical resistant flooring options on the market with the ability to isolate all chemicals and even moisture on the surface of the epoxy flooring. This makes the epoxy flooring safe for the environment as concrete is an extremely absorbent material and once the chemical is absorbed, the concrete will leak out the chemicals into the surrounding soil causing extreme damage to the environment. Along with chemical resistance, epoxy flooring also doesn’t take as much material as other floorings such as tile or hardwood. This means that after the epoxy flooring has reached its full lifespan, the waste from removing the flooring won’t take nearly as much room in a landfill as other types of flooring.

Still not sold on why epoxy flooring is becoming so popular? Well did you know that epoxy flooring is able to last well over 20 years? Not only does this mean that you won’t have to worry about replacing your flooring for well over 20 years, that means you get all of the amazing benefits that epoxy flooring has to offer for 20 years! This makes an epoxy flooring system on the best possible investments that you can make for your home or your business. To learn more about the benefits and processes involved in epoxy flooring, make sure to either look at our website or give us a call today!