Maintenance Tips For Your Epoxy Flooring

So, you’ve finally decided to take the leap into an epoxy flooring system and now it has come time to perform your first maintenance on your brand new epoxy flooring system. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! Today we are going to take a deeper look into the tips, tricks and general information about how to maintain an epoxy flooring system, so let us get started!

The first thing you need to worry about when you are getting ready to perform your first maintenance on your epoxy flooring system is to make sure you have allowed the flooring to cure to completion. After 24 hours when the epoxy flooring system is able to accept foot traffic, it is okay to pick all loose debris off of the floor by hand, not with vacuums or brooms. After the full 72 hours has passed, only then can you begin light maintenance on the flooring. We will recommend that you wait at least one week before performing full maintenance on the epoxy flooring system.

The first step of maintaining an epoxy flooring system will always begin with the removal of all loose debris off of the flooring system. While all larger materials should be lifted using your hands, all small foreign materials are to be removed with a soft bristle broom. Using a soft bristle broom or a dust mop is more efficient than a stiff bristle brush for cleaning the epoxy flooring and a stiff bristle brush can actually cause mynute scratches in the surface of the epoxy flooring system that will look hideous when they are exposed to light. Vacuums that have a broom attachment are also able to be used to clean all dirt or other foreign materials as well.

After all of the loose, foreign materials have been removed from the epoxy flooring system can you begin the process of cleaning and disinfecting the epoxy flooring system. There is no need for any fancy equipment to do this, all you need is a standard wet mop! When mopping the floor, make sure not to focus your efforts on one area for too long. This can cause the clear coat on the epoxy flooring to lose its glossy appearance. If the flooring has any spots that remain after the initial mopping or spots that are stubborn, use a nylon brush and some CLR. Using the brush and chemical in circular motions will lift the stain before your eyes! Pressure washing and deep cleaning are only recommended to be done only if completely necessary and not on a regular basis.

When it comes to using cleaners on the epoxy flooring system, do not use any cleaner with free will. It is crucial that you test all chemicals that are going to be used on the epoxy flooring system well before they are used throughout the entire floor. To test these chemicals, mask off a small area in an inconspicuous area of the room, like a corner, under furniture or under machinery to test. Use a tiny amount of the chemical in question and allow it to sit on the masked area for about 5 minutes and draw your conclusion from there. If nothing happens, you are good to use the chemical on the rest of the floor, if the chemical turns the top coat of the epoxy flooring cloudy, do not use it on the entire floor!

There is actually a special way that some epoxy flooring systems can be mopped as well. If you have an epoxy flooring system that you don’t mind getting wet, there is a fast and easy way to clean the epoxy flooring system. You can actually use a standard garden hose to wash off the epoxy flooring system but there are some rules that have to be followed for the method of cleaning to go smoothly. Always make sure that the water coming out of the water is cool and not above 115 degrees. Always make sure the hose is never focused on one area for too long and your good to go!

If you follow all of the general guidelines and use the tips and tricks that were outlined in this article, you are on your way to having your beautiful and durable epoxy flooring system lasting well over 20 years!